Winning - Mentality : Victory-pose even as a baby ;)

  I was born as a single child of my parents Rosemarie and Wolfgang on february 21 in the year 1986. At my birthday I was weighting 3900g and I was raised in Neustadt Weinstraße.


Love you Mom

I was loving big amounts of tasty foods and so I was always a little snugger than other children. My father always liked to cook for my family and so he aroused my interest to start cooking even as little boy.


First day at school


At the age of 6 I attended elementary school at the same year I began competitive swimming.

After finishing my basic education I visited secondary school and due to the aim having good marks, I quitted swimming. Just some months later I felt that there was missing something and so I joined the local Handball-Team.

By growing up I  joined a local gym at the age of 14, following my father  who was injured that time.

First of all, I just wanted to lose some Bodyfat and so I focused on cardio.
My bodyweight changed from 74kg to 53kg in just 3 months.
Many people thought I would be suffering from anorexia that time and the more
my bodyweight decreased the more I felt unhappy about my physique.
Somehow there was a rapid change in my mind and from one day to another all my
principles became different. I just wanted to have muscles right now.
I only knew the importance of eating rice and much Protein.
As a result I ate about 1kg rice and as much Protein shakes I just could finance with
my pocket money.
Through the years my training and eating habits improved day by day and after just 2 years,
I was weighting 120kg again.

Nobody considered me as a bodybuilder and I knew it would be time to start my first diet.
I lost 35kg in 5 months and therefore I knew I was able to keep a diet and maybe compete someday.


Again I started another heavy offseason, weighting 122kg again and started into my first real competitive diet at 2004, January 1.



left: with Brian Nold at Junior Nationals / right: after regionals


14 weeks later I won my first competitions. Becoming German Newcomer Champion of the juniors I also bet the incumbent Junior Champion, Michael Münz, of the year before at Grand Prix of Baden-Württemberg. Making some greenhorn mistakes I finished second behind Michael some weeks later at the nationals.

From this day on I knew, I was willing to become German Teen Champion someday.
Just one week later, I started my preparation highly motivated again.


         With my parents at German Nationals 2004


 German Nationals 2004 Backstage


In spring of 2005 I received my "Abitur" certificate and after graduating school I started my diet again...

Having many troubles with colds, nevertheless I won all of my competitions this year and became German teen champion, winning the heavyweight category and overall.

Having done many mistakes by the way, I have to thank Markus Becht for his support during these months.

He helped myself the best way he could, but I had to realize, that his kind of dieting was not the right way for myself.


With Markus Becht – One day ou of Grand Prix of Hessen 2005


First of all I planed not to compete as a junior anymore, but after some backstrokes in private life I wanted to prove myself my ability to be a champion again.

I started to prepare for my second German title in June, while moving from Neustadt to Frankfurt in case of attending university now.

There I also met my new mentor Francisco Guerrero, who is more than just a coach for me down to the present day.
He taught me to stick on the pillars of old-school Bodybuildng and I owe him almost everything I am.

I´ve learned that the basic principles of Bodybuilding are the true meaning of our great sport.

Principles like modesty, constancy and moreover discipline.


Again I won the German Nationals with perfect score and so I knew Bodybuilding is Sport and maybe my biggest talent.

I knew I would have to continue my way and now it was time for something bigger.


German Nationals 2006




1 week out of German Nationals 2006 at  XXL-BODYTOWN FFM

with Francisco Guerrero my coach an good friend

Everything went even better in 2007. Francisco already had the best experience about reactions of my body due to our teamwork in 2006.

He planed everything very wisely and so I could just trust in all of his instructions.



Another big plus this year was meeting Murat Sariatli, who is a competitive Fitness-athlet in Germany .

Proving his great posing skills and stage performance he taught me to present myself much better this year.



With Murat Backstage at German Nationals 2007




With Brian Backstage at German Nationals 2007

Nonetheless there was Brian Nold who supported me behind the stage and never deserted me since German Newcomer Nationals in 2004, where we competed against each other.



In a sport like Bodybuilding, where the sport rules your whole life, you can only be as good as the people around you:



Brian & Murat

Francisco Guerrero

Mom & Dad

Ed Connors




All in all, I had the best makings for my main goal in 2007, winning the IFBB Junior World Champion title.

My dream became true. Again it wasn´t just my class victory, it was the overall title although.

Besides I won the German Nationals one week before, for third time in a row.

I´m holding an unique record with this winning run and I´m proud to be the currently youngest IFBB Professional worldwide.

Through all these years and victories I´ve learned one big thing.

If you are willing to work hard enough, no matter how hard you might fall in life,
you have to get up again and reach for your goals.

That´s the true meaning of bodybuilding for me.
Becoming a better person by achieving goals through discipline, honesty and willpower.